2018 IFA Environmental Performance Benchmark

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The Challenge

International scrutiny of environmental emissions from industrial activities has amplified significantly over the past two decades... As with other strategic industries, the fertilizer sector is increasingly under the spotlight to monitor its emissions and to reduce its overall environmental footprint

The Opportunity

Since 2002, IFA producer members have been addressing these concerns head on. The industry has come together to develop one of the Association’s landmark tools – the IFA Environmental Performance Benchmark. This survey covers roughly fifty emission parameters across the major fertilizer product areas N, P, K, as well as complex fertilizers.

The Call to Action: Join IFA's Leaders

• Compare your plants’ emissions performances with the world’s best

• Identify specific and actionable improvements

• Measure improvements over time

• Communicate emission reduction achievements locally and nationally

The 2018 emissions survey covers the following fertilizer product areas:

  • Ammonia: four emissions parameters
  • Nitric acid: four emissions parameters
  • Urea: four emissions parameters
  • Ammonium nitrate (AN): four emissions parameters 
  • Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN): four emissions parameters 
  • Calcium nitrate (CN): four emissions parameters 
  • Sulphuric acid: four emissions parameters 
  • Phosphoric acid: seven emissions parameters 
  • Triple super phosphate (TSP): five emissions parameters 
  • Single super phosphate (SSP): five emissions parameters 
  • Mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP): five emissions parameters 
  • Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP): five emissions parameters 
  • Potash: CO2 emissions
  • NPK blends: five emissions parameters      

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